“Emotional Farewell: James Corden and Adele Reunite for Final Carpool Karaoke Episode in London!”

James Corden and Adele recently reunited for the final episode of Carpool Karaoke, which was filmed in London. The pair drove around the city, singing Adele’s biggest hits, including “Hello” and “Someone Like You.” The emotional episode saw Adele and Corden sharing memories and talking about their friendship, with Adele recalling how Corden helped her get her start in the US by featuring her on his show.

The episode, which aired on The Late Late Show with James Corden, was the last episode of Carpool Karaoke, a popular segment that has been running since 2015. The segment has featured a wide range of celebrities, from musicians like Paul McCartney and Justin Bieber to political figures like former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Corden became emotional towards the end of the episode, thanking Adele for being a part of the show and expressing his gratitude to the fans for supporting Carpool Karaoke over the years. He also hinted that the segment may return in the future in some form, saying that “the truth is, we never really say goodbye to Carpool.”

Overall, the final episode of Carpool Karaoke with Adele was a touching tribute to the segment and its many fans. Adele’s powerful voice and Corden’s infectious energy made for a memorable ride, and their friendship was evident throughout the episode. While it may be the end of Carpool Karaoke for now, it seems likely that we haven’t seen the last of James Corden and his celebrity guests singing along in a car.

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